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How Often Should You Wash These Household Items?

How Often Should You Wash These Household Items?

Whilst I am sure most people are aware that their linens should be put through the wash more often than they are, I know how easy it can be to become slack. But just how bad can it be for you? Should you make the effort to do that extra load of towels on a Sunday afternoon?

The answer is yes, fabrics come into contact with our bodies and food regularly and therefore, should be washed more often than we think.

Bath Towels: Every 3-4 uses
Whilst this may not be entirely possible, aim to wash your bath towels after every few uses. Bath towels can begin to smell fairly quickly, especially if they are not aired out properly. So hang your towel up after each use and don’t share amongst family members.

Bed Sheets: Every 1-2 weeks
While fighting a fitted sheet every week may seem like your worst nightmare, sweat, skin cells, oils, dirt and bacteria can build up in your sheets very quickly, especially when you are spending around 8 hours in them each day.

Pillowcases: Every 3-4 uses
Are you often experiencing breakouts, or just have oily skin in general? Your pillowcase probably isn’t helping. With your hair carrying more bacteria and oil than most other parts of your body, it makes sense to wash your pillowcases even more regularly than your sheets.

Face Cloths: Every use
Another way to help prevent those pesky pimples is to make sure you throw your face cloth in the wash after every use. Moisture = bacteria, and cleaning your face with a used facecloth makes your carefully thought out skincare routine pretty pointless.

Tea Towels: Every day
Tea towels are used for so many things in the kitchen, drying hands, drying up spills and most importantly drying dishes and therefore, will stay damp for long periods of time. Make an effort to get out a clean one each day to avoid getting unwanted germs on your freshly cleaned dishes.

Bath Mats: Every week
Bath mats stay wet for long periods of time, especially if you have multiple people sharing the same bathroom. Try and wash them weekly and make sure you hang them up after your shower to dry them out properly. 

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