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Your All-Round Guide To Nailing Transeasonal Dressing

Your All-Round Guide To Nailing Transeasonal Dressing

After yet another long, sweltering summer, we welcome autumn with open arms. Cool mornings, the change in the leaves and that feeling of dusting off our winter boots after a long hibernation. But while the change in the weather can bring much relief, it can make dressing appropriately nothing short of a nightmare. It’s too hot for a turtleneck but too cold for a strappy dress, so what are we to do? To help you out, we’ve put together your all-round guide to nailing transeasonal dressing every time.

Back to basics
As much as we love splurging on those trend driven pieces every once in a while, the key to transeasonal dressing is to stick to the season-less basics that will create the foundation of your wardrobe and will help you bridge the gap between summer and winter. Opt for a few high quality and timeless staple items that won’t look out of place and can be reworked over and over again.

Keep it neutral
Transitioning our wardrobe into the new season also means a new colour palette. Incorporating low cost items in pops of the season’s favourite hues can be a great way to add a touch of personality to your outfit. But our advice? Stick to easily translatable colours like greys, beiges, whites and blacks that will never go out of style.

It’s all about the layers
When it comes to putting together the perfect transeasonal outfit, layering is essential. Whether it’s a light shirt dress paired with leather jacket or a skirt and blazer combo, it is important to dress in pieces that you can take off or put on when the temperature changes. Another tip? Bare your ankles for just the right amount of skin.

Mix it up
Don’t be afraid to mix up your winter and summer pieces. Try wearing sneakers with a skirt, some slides or strappy heels with jeans and a knit or a dress with your leather boots for a stylish, yet effortless look.

Invest in the staples
So what are our key pieces for an autumn capsule wardrobe? We love a pair of dark wash jeans, white sneakers, a cute midi skirt, a neutral slip dress, cropped pants, a breathable knit and a lightweight coat.

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