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9 Easy Ways To Save Money

9 Easy Ways To Save Money

Sometimes, the thought of saving money seems impossible, but not only that, it means cutting out some of life’s great luxuries. But it doesn’t have to be so hard. These 9 quick and easy tips can help you save money to pay off those pesky bills or put towards a much needed family holiday.

1. Planning meals and writing shopping lists
There are always so many temptations right around every corner at the supermarket. And there are also those ‘do I have this at home already? I better get one just in case’ moments. Planning dinners and writing a shopping list before you hit the supermarket is such an easy way to see exactly what you need for the week to avoid buying those unnecessary items.

2. Checking out specials and comparing prices
Actually comparing the prices between supermarkets on the items you need is one quick and easy way to save a few dollars. Search through your junk mail or browse their websites to see which supermarket has the best deals. While you may be a dedicated Woolworths shopper, visiting Coles occasionally when specials arise will do wonders for your wallet.

3. Buying reduced to clear items
While you may not want steak today, or even tomorrow, picking up items that are marked down can save you some serious money over time. Just store it in the freezer and use as needed. Winning! 

4. Buying in bulk
Buying items in bulk, even if it means ending up with 40 toilet rolls to find a home for, is another surefire way to save. This is especially good for items that don’t perish. But only buy things you know you use a lot of to avoid wastage. Trust me, it will be worth it in the long run.

5. Actually use loyalty cards
It may be a pain digging through your card filled wallet but getting your card stamped or scanning your Flybuys card might just be worth it. Build up enough and you have a free coffee, or even a free return flight!

6. Declutter
Having a clean out and selling your unused items has so many benefits, you have a clean house and some extra dosh in your pocket. Dig through your wardrobe and find clothes barely worn, go through the kitchen cupboards and find unused crockery or clear out toys your kids have outgrown. Sell it online or have a good ol’ garage sale.

7. Meal prep
Spending $10 on lunch twice a week because you just happened to be running out the door late this morning may not seem like much. Think about it, if you did that every week for 48 weeks of the year. That’s nearly $500! When you cook dinner, make some extras for lunch the next day, or go all out and cook for the week on a Sunday. Easy, just grab from the fridge and run.

8. Introduce leftover night
At the end of the week when there are a bunch of random things sitting in your fridge just waiting to go off, find some unique ways to cook them up and have a night of leftovers. Saves money AND time.

9. Collect spare change
Utilise the cash compartment in your car or invest in a money box. Fill it up each time you are given coins and small notes. Putting this small change away will stop you buying that extra coffee or chocolate bar you really don’t need. Once it's full, crack it open and deposit it into your bank account (or splash out on a facial, because you know, you deserve it).

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