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8 Ways To Get More Time Back In Your Day For Phone Addicts

8 Ways To Get More Time Back In Your Day For Phone Addicts

The average person spends upwards of 2.5 hours per day staring at their phone screen. Have you even stopped and thought about what you could do with an extra 2.5 hours a day? While most people actually hate how much time they spend on their phone, many struggle to reverse their screen habits. Never fear, there are many small things you can do to help limit your screen time and get hours back in your day.

Turn off your notifications
There is nothing like one phone ping to waste an hour of time. Remove all distractions and notifications that will result in you checking your phone and set specific times to check it. Once you get into the habit of ignoring your phone, picking it up without even realising happens a lot less.

Invest in a watch
Did you know this is the way people use to check the time?

Ask yourself, why am I taking out my phone?
Are you doing something important like replying to a text message or checking your emails? Or are you using it to waste time, avoid work or get yourself out of an awkward situation? Next time you are sitting alone having lunch or on the train, read a book or make an effort to talk to the person beside you. It’s amazing what can happen when you look up from your phone.

Download a screen time tracking app
I have to admit, I was honestly shocked (and disappointed) when I did this. Apps like Moment track your screen time and send you notifications the following day with how much time you spent on your phone. Finding out you spend four hours staring at your phone screen is pretty confronting and will certainly make you question your habits.

Ditch the electronics completely
Try going a day or two without your phone, it will help you realise how much time you truly waste scrolling social media or playing games.

Delete social media apps on your phone
If you can’t afford to be away from your phone from long periods of time, at least delete some of those pesky social media apps that are taking up precious time. Start with Facebook and then Instagram, and next time you are bored, go and make memories, don’t look at others.

Don’t take your phone into the bedroom at night
Not only is it bad for you, you will often find yourself going to sleep earlier. Buy an alarm clock, too. It can remove the temptation, especially when you can’t sleep.

Don’t carry it in your hand or on your body
Put the phone away in a desk drawer, in your handbag or in another room entirely. The effort it takes to actually get your phone out can help stop you from checking it as often.

So give it a try and don’t punish yourself if it doesn’t work the first time, or even the second time. A habit takes around three weeks to change.

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