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Paint Colours To Try In Your Home (Other Than White)

Paint Colours To Try In Your Home (Other Than White)

If your looking for some inspiration for your next paint job, you have come to the right place. While we will always love a classic white room, it's always good to try something new and different. Here are some neutral paint colours to try in your home other than white, that aren't too crazy.

It is recommended that before you choose any paint colour you should consider the dominant features in the rooms such as your floors, in order to find a colour that works in your space.

Buff It Dulux.png

Warm Neutral - Buff It
Buff It is a warm neutral shade with a light brown and beige tone. The colour is inviting and will provide a timeless backdrop for years to come, even as your personal tastes change.

Limed White Half Dulux.png

Cool Neutral - Limed White Half
Limed White Half is a simple cool neutral with tones of beige and grey that will help add depth to any space. The colour is versatile and looks fantastic in an open plan house.

Dieskau Dulux.png

Warm Grey - Dieskau
Perfect for a contemporary house, Dieskau is a soft warm grey colour. This colour will suit any colour palette, whether it be bold colours, pastels or monochrome.

Guild Grey Dulux.png

Cool Grey - Guild Grey
Cooler greys can make a room look more spacious and therefore, this colour would work perfectly in an open plan living area. It would also create the illusion of more space in small bedrooms.  

Antique White Dulux.png

Antique White
I know I said other than white, but this shade of white is worth mentioning. Warmer than traditional white, this colour is inviting yet classic and works beautifully inside and out.

Pre School Quarter Dulux.png

Pre School Quarter
If you want to steer clear of neutrals completely, try light blue shades such as Pre School Quarter. Still a fairly neutral colour, Pre School Quarter is calming and serene but still very versatile.

All paint colours are available at Dulux.  

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