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How To Organise Your Workspace To Maximise Your Productivity

How To Organise Your Workspace To Maximise Your Productivity

You wouldn’t believe how much time you waste in a messy and cluttered workspace. Having a cleanout, buying some cute but useful accessories and organising your space will help you stay motivated and productive all day long.

Clear it out
Get rid of everything that you don’t use and give everything a good wipe down. First, throw out or donate any desk accessories that are doing nothing but wasting space and contributing to the clutter, then clean out your drawers and allocate a place to anything worth keeping. Make sure to group similar items together so you can easily remember where they are. Get a packet of antibacterial wipes, keep them in your drawer and spend 5 minutes every week wiping over your keyboard, desktop and screens to get rid of any dust and germs that have gathered. 

Invest in some useful desk accessories
You may be thinking, no more clutter! But trust me, getting some super practical pen cups and desk trays will help with organising your pens from your highlighters and your to dos from your dones. Use some storage boxes to hide those important but unattractive items and get some cute binders or folders to organise your documents while adding some colour to your desk. Keep a notebook within reach to write down important notes and a to do list to keep track of what needs to be done. Time for a shopping trip!

Find your inspiration
Whether you are working towards your own business or holding out for that family holiday, add a photo or two to your pinboard or desk. Find a quote online that motivates you or print out a photo of your family to keep you going when you feel overwhelmed and uninspired. 

Find a space for your gadgets
These days we all have some sort of smartphone that loves to spam us with Facebook notifications and Candy Crush requests. Don’t get distracted crushing candy or aimlessly scrolling for half an hour, put your phone in a drawer or somewhere out of reach. This simple task will help you stay focused for so much longer.

Keep it clean
Most importantly, keep it clean! Before you finish up, whether you are at the office or in your home office, give your desk a quick tidy so you can begin each day feeling refreshed and organised. Nothing is worse for your mood than turning up to a desk covered in papers, books and coffee cups. Five minutes is all it takes!

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