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How To Organise Your Pantry Like A Pro

How To Organise Your Pantry Like A Pro

There are so many reasons why you should organise your pantry. Not only will it look amazing but it can actually help to reduce food waste and save on your grocery bill. Here are some of our best tips for getting your pantry organised (and keeping it that way!).

Before you begin organising, take everything out and give it a good wipe down, clean any jars or bottles that may be leaking, wash out any containers you already have and throw out expired items or things you don’t need.

Clear containers and jars
Invest in some clear containers or jars for foods such as rice, pasta, cereals, flours and sugars. Clear containers make it easy to see how much you have, so you won’t buy unnecessary food. They also make it so easy to find things too. If you are short on space, stack them on top of each other to save room. We love Kmart’s glass canisters.

Remember to record the expiry date of goods you transfer into containers or jars, so you know when they need to be used by.

Baskets are great for storing similar items together. Think baking (food colouring, sprinkles, piping bags, and cookie cutters). Just slide out the whole basket when you are ready to bake. Baskets can also be useful for storing potatoes, onions and other vegetables that don’t belong in the fridge or fruit bowl.

Drawers for snacks
Clear plastic drawers are another alternative to baskets. You can see what is stored inside and they are great for organising individual packets and snacks.

Utilise the door
Using the inside of the door to store goods is a great way save on space. Add hooks and racks to hold tea towels, aprons and even spices!

Tiered shelving
If you have a lot of cans in your pantry, buying some tiered shelving is definitely the way to go. It helps you see what you have and will help keep your cans looking neat. We love the Madesmart Expandable Shelf Organiser.

Lazy Susan
Most storage stores sell cupboard-sized Lazy Susans. The revolving tray is another great way to store bottles and cans. Simply spin the Lazy Susan to get a full view of whatever you have in your cupboard.

Now that everything has been organised and has a place, it’s time to get labelling! There are so many brands that design customised pantry labels, perfect for all your containers, jars, baskets and drawers. We love Love Iris’ range of vinyl labels.

Now sit back, relax and admire your work (and maybe snap an Instagram pic, or two).

To keep your pantry looking picture perfect, make sure you take five minutes to quickly tidy your pantry and put back anything that may have been misplaced during the week before hitting the shops.

Check out How To Keep Your Food Fresh And Lasting Longer for more great food storage tips and tricks!

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