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What We Learned From The Queen Of Decluttering Marie Kondo

What We Learned From The Queen Of Decluttering Marie Kondo

If you haven’t already heard, Marie Kondo, best-selling author and organisation guru, has taken the world by storm with her new Netflix series, ‘Tidying Up With Marie Kondo’. The series follows the pint-sized star who visits families across the United States who are in dire need of some help decluttering their homes and their lives. And naturally, the show has sent the world into a declutter frenzy.

Her unique method of tidying, organising and thanking items for their service, (which we haven’t jumped on board with just yet), is utterly inspiring and refreshing. So what did we learn from the decluttering queen? Read on to find out.

Does it spark joy?
Marie’s primary mission is to ‘spark joy’ through the world of cleaning, but how does that work exactly? While not everything in your home many spark joy (we’re looking at you, iron), it should have a purpose, make your life easier in some way or make you feel better. If your item doesn’t fit into any of these categories she recommends getting rid of it. This technique has many benefits according to Marie, including it’s ability to make you happier while creating a sense of peace in your home.

Declutter by category, not room
Rather than tackling one room at a time, Marie advises the families to clean out your home by categories instead. So for example, if you are wanting to begin getting rid of old clothes, you should tackle every wardrobe in the house, rather than just the one in your bedroom. The purpose of this is to consider your possessions as part of a larger collection. This helps you decide what is worth keeping and what should be thrown out. Once you have finished, store the same items together where possible (eg. store all books in one room or all stationery in one drawer together).

Begin with a bigger mess
Yep, that’s right. In order to effectively declutter your home, you should pull everything out and make a huge mess. While it may be overwhelming, it will help you make sure you don’t miss anything.

Touch everything and thank them?
Marie advises her clients to touch everything they own to ensure they don’t miss anything or skim over anything that should be thrown out, which makes perfect sense. However, her suggestion of thanking items for their service isn’t something we are likely to jump on board with. It is a sweet gesture, though.

A folding method to change your life

While there isn’t necessarily a right way to fold things, the KonMari method is certainly a game changer. This method saves space, looks neat and tidy and makes everything so much easier to find.

You shouldn’t feel bad about keeping sentimental items
Just because you are decluttering, it doesn’t mean you have to get rid of your sentimental items. We love Marie’s thoughtful approach of getting them together, whether they are birthday cards, letters or your child’s art, and storing them all together in a nice box. If you are going to let go of some of these items, make sure you do it last.

Don’t throw away your shoeboxes
Save your money on boxes and baskets that will be stored away out of sight. Shoeboxes are an extremely handy and cost effective way to store small items together. Whether its hair accessories or cords, shoeboxes are one of the must-have items for getting your home in order. They also work great as drawer dividers.

Who knew decluttering could be so much fun?

Main Image: KonMari

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