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7 Kitchen Gadgets You Need To Make Healthy Eating Easier

7 Kitchen Gadgets You Need To Make Healthy Eating Easier

Healthy eating doesn’t have to be time consuming, bland and boring. We’ve rounded up 7 of our favourite kitchen gadgets, tools and appliances to make healthy eating super quick and delicious!


Air Fryer $69 from Kmart

While fried food of any type isn’t ideal when it comes to eating healthy, air fryers can certainly make this tasty treat a whole lot better for you. Through hot air circulation, the air fryer will cook your food without the need for an abundance of oil. This must-have appliance will help to reduce the amount of calories and fat in your fried meals all while maintaining that golden brown crunch!


Icy Pole Moulds Set of 6 $2 from Target

Before you reach in the freezer for a store bought ice-cream this summer, why not make your own at home! Whip up a tasty dairy delight or add some coconut water for a refreshing ice-block, perfect for that hot summer’s day. Just pop them in the freezer for a few hours and you have a healthy frozen treat without the refined sugar. The best part? A six pack is only $2!


Nutribullet 900W Blender Megapack $119 from Myer

The Nutribullet is a must have for those who love a stress free, nutritious and totally tasty breakfast option! Not only is the Nutribullet compact, it is easy to clean and will save you so much time in the morning! Just throw in some fruit, add some liquid and blend. Within seconds your smoothie will be ready to go. Just throw on a lid and head out the door! Check out our ultimate smoothie guide here.


Stabil Stainless Steel Steamer Insert $7.99 from Ikea

Did you know that steaming is one of the healthiest ways to cook vegetables? Steamed vegetables are said to retain the most nutrients in comparison to other methods including boiling and microwaving that tend to break down tissues and destroying some of the important antioxidants. Just add some water to the bottom of a pot and sit the handy stainless steel steamer insert inside. Throw in your vegetables (the less tender ones first) and put on the lid!


Decor Cook Refillable Oil Sprayer $12 from Woolworths

There are so many benefits to swapping out your bottle of olive oil for a refillable oil sprayer. Whether you are coating a pan for cooking or dressing a salad, this fine mist will do the job using less than half of the oil you would use otherwise! This nifty bottle will help reduce your calorie and fat intake while adding a beautiful flavour to your meals. No need for artificial aerosol gases here! Just pour in your favourite oil, screw on the top and spray!


Betty Bossi Vegetable Twister $34.99 from House

Swapping out pasta for your favourite vegetable couldn’t be easier with a handheld vegetable spiraliser! This simple switch will reduce your carb and calorie intake dramatically AND it’s easier and quicker than cooking a pot of pasta!


SodaStream Sparkling Water Maker $98 from Big W

While it won’t help you eat healthier, it can significantly reduce the amount of sugar you consume. SodaStreams are a great investment for those who love fizzy drinks and don’t consume enough water. The SodaStream works by releasing carbon dioxide gas that is stored in the pressure cylinder into water, creating a carbonated beverage. While you can buy some flavoured syrups made with low or no sugar, adding a squeeze of lemon juice is the perfect way to add some flavour to your sparkling water and will satisfy any soft drink craving.

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