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Cool Ideas For The Kids' Playroom

Cool Ideas For The Kids' Playroom

Looking to create a bright and beautiful space for your children to call their own? A place they can spend lots of time creating, making and playing? We understand creating the perfect room can be harder than it looks, so we have found some of the best ideas for you to try in your child's playroom.

One of the most important things when designing a child's space is practicality. Avoid glass jars, carpets (especially light coloured ones) and nothing too costly as it is bound to face some spills or damage at some point.

The first step to designing the perfect room is finding out what your child loves. What are their favourite colours? What do they enjoy spending their time doing? Even take them shopping and get them to help pick out some of their favourite accessories to add to the space.

We do suggest keeping the walls a neutral colour to ensure the room can easily (and cheaply) be updated as your child grows, but don’t worry, you can still create a bright and colourful space. Adding colour, patterns and textures through accessories is a great way to keep the costs down as their tastes change. If you want to go one step further, adding a bright feature wall (one that is not too dark so it can easily be painted over), some wallpaper or even a cool chalkboard wall to the room would be a great idea.

While we recommend a wooden floor, a bright mat can provide a comfy spot for floor play but can also make a great standout feature. Choosing one that is easy to clean is a big bonus! Bring some colour to the room by picking up some different shaped cushions from places like Kmart for a few dollars. A bright coloured pendant light can also make a great statement and some unique and colourful artwork on the walls can add character to the space.

As for storage, long cube book shelves that are in reach for children (to encourage packing up) are excellent for storing toys. Use different baskets and boxes for a tidy and organised look.

Create a cosy corner for reading and use picture ledges such as the Mosslanda from Ikea to display books and build their own personal library.

A shelving unit with slide out drawers and labels for craft supplies can help keep pens from pencils and scissors from glue. Alternatively, a small craft trolley on wheels is excellent for moving around the room or house without any hassle.

Choosing chairs and benches that have storage is an excellent way to save room in a smaller space. Ottomans and footstools can double as a dress up box or toy box and no one will even know.

For tables, nesting tables are great. Coming in a range of colours and shapes, these can be easily packed away to maximise space for plenty of play.

With a small bookcase, shoe rack and hooks you can create the perfect 'launch pod' for your school aged child. With a place for their bag, shoes and hat, there will never be any late mornings or lost things AND it helps teach children routine and organisation, how cool is that?

Make sure you include some easily removable hooks, clipboards or wire with pegs so your kids can proudly display their artwork they make at home or at school.

Need more inspiration? Check out our kids' spaces board on Pinterest for some more cool ideas!

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