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12 Space Saving Storage Solutions For Your Home

12 Space Saving Storage Solutions For Your Home

Struggling to fit everything into your small home or apartment? Stress less, we have compiled some of the best and easiest ways to create extra storage in your small space.

Wall shelving, wall cubes or corner shelves
Add some small shelves or wall cubes to your walls to hold books, homewares and sentimental items without taking up floor space. Corner shelves are great for getting the most out of wasted space.

Hanging kitchen utensils, pots and pans
Hanging up anything you can in the kitchen will create some much needed bench space. Everything is right there when you need them, too!

Door Hooks
Add some hooks to the inside of your pantry to hang up tea towels or invest in over the door hooks to hang bath towels. Other products such as over the door shoe pockets are also good for creating space.

Adjust your shelves
Taking some time to adjust your shelves will free up enough room for an extra shelf or two!

Inside of cupboards

If you have a door, you have storage. Add small shelves to the inside of your pantry, create a rack for pot lids and spices or attach a magazine holder to store baking paper and cling wraps on the inside of your kitchen cupboard doors.

Under the bed
If you are looking for a new bed frame, opt for one that has drawers underneath or purchase under the bed boxes that roll away out of sight.

Over the toilet
There is so much space on the wall above the toilet that is often wasted. Add a bookcase ladder or shelving to store towels, spare toilet paper and bathroom items.

Hang the TV on the wall
Get a bracket and fix your tv to the wall. This will save the need for a TV unit that will take up unnecessary floor space.

Invest in ottomans that double as storage. These can be a seat, table or footstool but can also hold plenty of junk that you don’t have space for anywhere else.

Stack vertically
Get some book organisers to stack trays, racks and chopping boards vertically to utilise space in your kitchen cupboards.

Double your hanging
Add another pole under your hanging items to hang even more items. Alternatively, you can add a chest of drawers or shoe rack to utilise this wasted space.

Roll up dish rack
A roll up dish rack is a super handy tool for creating more bench space in the kitchen. Simply roll it out over the sink and use it for whatever you like!

Need more inspiration? Check out our organisation inspiration board on Pinterest!

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