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Your Must Have Handbag Essentials

Your Must Have Handbag Essentials

Most women take their handbags everywhere. While your keys, wallet and phone are some of the obvious, these are some essentials you just have to have in your handbag to save you from those sticky situations.

Hair ties and bobby pins
Ever have that loose strand constantly falling in front of your face or your hair tie snap in the middle of a super hot day? Stock up on some spare hair ties and bobby pins for those annoying situations.

Hair brush
Find a small compact hairbrush that you can store in your handbag for those windy days or lunch time touch-ups.

Every organised woman has some form of planner or diary in her handbag. Having a planner will make remembering that event, writing down a quick note or planning your daily to do list anywhere you are so much easier!

Well you can't have a planner without a pen, right?

Powder or foundation
Keep a compact powder or throw your foundation in your bag in the morning. Perfect for touch-ups and keeping your face shine free all day.

Compact mirror
For reapplying your makeup, fixing your hair or checking to make sure there is no lettuce in your teeth after lunch.

Essential for the heel wearing woman, or any woman breaking in new shoes for that matter.

Portable phone charger
Can't find a powerpoint? Plug your phone into your portable charger to ensure your phone never runs out of battery.

Lady products
Self-explanatory. But also useful when your colleague or friend forgets. 

Safety pins
Never stress about a wardrobe malfunction again. Safety pins can replace a button that has fallen off, fix a fallen seam or just provide a little more coverage when wearing that low cut top.

Stain eraser pen
Donโ€™t wear that embarrassing coffee stain all day. A stain eraser pen will be your lifesaver in any spillage situation.

Hand wipes
Essential if you are catching public transport. They can also be useful for wiping down your keyboard, cleaning your hands after a messy meal or wiping down that trolley at the supermarket.

Gum or mints
No one likes bad breath and it will make you feel fresh too.

Pack of tissues
Perfect for wiping up spills or spontaneous runny noses, tissues have so many uses.

No one wants to get an unbearable headache in the middle of a busy day. Keep a packet in your bag to banish those headaches as soon as they come on.

Lip balm
Dry lips are the worst and donโ€™t look good either. Keep some lip balm in your bag. Your lips will love you for it.

Hand cream
During the winter when your hands dry out so much quicker, hand cream is a must. It is also essential if you just wash your hands 100 times a day, like me.

Having a small roll on deodorant will keep you feeling fresh during those warm summer days and on those days we run out the door and forget to put it on, oops!

Small pouch
If you donโ€™t have compartments or pockets to separate the items in your handbag, having some small pouches in your handbag is a must! They make everything so much easier to find.

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