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Cheap And Easy Vegetables To Grow At Home

Cheap And Easy Vegetables To Grow At Home

Growing vegetables in your backyard can have so many benefits. You don’t just save on your grocery bill, but you get to enjoy the some of the freshest produce you will ever eat. Planting vegetables in your garden is also a great activity to get your kids involved in. They will love watching their vegetables grow, but they will also love eating it just as much! So here are some of the easiest vegetables to grow in your garden that even beginners can do!

Salad Mix
Grow some crunchy lettuce leaves right in your backyard! These leaves grow within weeks and will provide you with an endless amount of beautiful salads and sandwiches. You can enjoy a range of flavours as there are many types available and you can plant them close together, meaning they will take up little room in your garden. Plant in pots, wall units, or even under taller plants. Salad mix doesn't need much sunlight, but make sure you water and pick them regularly.

Cherry Tomatoes
Tomatoes are one of the most popular vegetables to grow at home because they are easy to grow and will work in any size garden. Make sure they are watered regularly and are getting lots of sunlight. These plants will grow vertically and will get pretty tall, so make sure they are supported. Planting your tomatoes next to basil will naturally help to repel pests and give the tomatoes even more flavour! Give it a few months and you will be harvesting tomatoes all the time!

They can be grown in pots or planted straight in your back garden, but zucchinis need space to grow. Give them enough sunlight and water them regularly, and your zucchinis will begin flowering after a month. They will be ready to pick the following month.

Cucumbers grow vertically so they don’t require much room. They do, however, need some vertical support and plenty of sunlight. Cucumber plants are very resistant to pests and will be ready to pick in around 3-4 weeks.

Spring onions/shallots
Spring onions are probably the most foolproof vegetable to grow. Plant them straight in your garden fairly close together and no matter how much you chop them back they will keep growing. While you should water them regularly, the plants are pretty tough. Spring onions will be ready to begin picking at around 4-6 weeks.

Herbs are quite expensive to buy fresh regularly but luckily, they are so easy to grow! Set them up with some good soil, water and sunlight and they will continue to grow for seasons to come. Plant in pots, in the garden or even use them as decorative ornaments in your kitchen for fresh herbs right at your fingertips. Basil in particular, is one of the easiest herbs to grow.

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