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10 Fashion Mistakes You Are Making And How To Avoid Them

10 Fashion Mistakes You Are Making And How To Avoid Them

Whether it’s a simple styling mistake or a major faux pas, we are all guilty of making them (we’re looking at you double denim). We are here to make sure you are always looking your best, so we’ve found 10 of the most common fashion mistakes women are making and give you our top tips for how to avoid any future cringe moments.

1. Not getting garments tailored
The thought of tailoring may seem expensive and unnecessary, especially if it’s just a sleeve that’s a touch too long, or some pants that you can just wear a belt with. But if an item doesn’t fit quite right, it can make all the difference between looking put together or looking like you bought the wrong size. So take the extra time and money (hems don’t actually cost that much at all) and not only will you feel more comfortable but you will look better too.

2. Buying the same size all the time
Just because the last pair of pants you bought were a size 10, doesn’t mean that you are always going to be a 10. Sizing between different stores and brands can vary significantly. You may find that the next time, a size 12 won’t even button up. So always take the time to try on each piece you are looking to buy and don’t just assume.

3. Dry clean only doesn’t necessarily mean it can’t be washed at home
If the tag says the garment needs to be dry cleaned, most of the time it probably does, but not everything has to be professionally cleaned. Some fabrics used by high-end brands can actually be hand-washed at home. But make sure you do your research before you damage that new silk dress.

4. You don’t always need to jump on trends
Just because a fashion magazine says that cobalt blue is in, doesn’t mean you need to run to the shops and dress in it head to toe to look fashionable. An outfit that is too trend focussed can have a actually age you and make you look like you are trying to hard, yikes! If you do want to pick up a new trendy piece, try something subtle instead of going all out. A pair of earrings would do wonders.

5. You don’t take proper care of your shoes
When the saleswoman in the shoe shop suggests a leather protectant, don’t just brush it off as an attempt of up-selling. Not engaging in protective measures and proper maintenance of your shoes can cause premature and irreversible damage. Treat new shoes before you wear them and keep an eye on the soles and heel caps. Be sure to get them replaced before you have to throw out your favourite pair.

6. Style should equal comfort
You may think we’ve got the saying wrong, but your fashion choices should actually be comfortable. Not only will you feel confident in what you wear, but it will stop onlookers staring at you for the wrong reasons. As a general rule, if you can’t sit or walk in it, don’t wear it.

7. Dress to your body type
Not taking your body type into consideration when you are buying clothes can add years and even kilos to you. Wearing a shift dress when you don’t have hips or wearing a cropped jacket when you do, may not be the best choice. Learn about your body type and what suits you to ensure you are showing off your best assets and disguising your not so great ones.

8. Don’t over-accessorise
Adding accessories can be just the finishing touch you need to complete your outfit, but when it looks like you are wearing every piece you own, it’s probably time to stop and rethink. Go ahead and don your favourite statement necklace but be sure to team it with a dainty bracelet or some simple studs.

9. Get your bra fitted
According to Choice, it's estimated that over 70% of Australian women are wearing the wrong size bra. Whether the band is too loose or the cups are too small, having an ill-fitted bra can draw unwanted attention to your bust while also impacting your posture, so make sure you see a professional if you aren’t sure. Department stores like Myer often have complimentary bra fitting to ensure you walk away with the perfect fit every time.

10. You aren’t wearing the right undies
Undie lines aren’t nice. If you are wearing a fitted skirt or white pants, opt for the seamless and nude kind. They may not make you feel as sexy, but they will certainly save you from unwanted embarrassment.

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