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Tips And Tricks For Cleaning Your Home And Keeping It Clean

Tips And Tricks For Cleaning Your Home And Keeping It Clean

We all have way more important things to be doing than spending hours on the weekend cleaning the house. Believe it or not, you can get your weekends back and have a clean and organised house at the same time. Developing a daily cleaning routine, cleaning as you go and spending 20 minutes tackling a task or two each day will stop the jobs piling up for the weekend and will give you more time for the important things in life. To put it simply, the more often you clean, the less cleaning you have to do. So here are our tips and tricks to keeping your home organised and clean, always!

Daily tasks take little time and effort. Here are some tasks you should begin to implement on a daily basis to make your house that little bit cleaner.

  • Make your bed when you get up in the morning

  • Put a load of washing on in the morning before you go to work. Set it on a delayed start so it finishes washing as you come home. Otherwise, turn it on as soon as you get home and hang it out after dinner

  • Wipe down the kitchen bench and the dining table after dinner every night to get rid of any crumbs or fingerprints.

  • Fold the washing in front of your favourite TV show 

  • Give the floor a quick sweep after dinner

  • Take out the rubbish

Cleaning the house as you go seems like an obvious thing to do but no one actually ever seems to do it. Get into the habit of cleaning up as you go and you will begin to do it automatically, you will also drastically reduce the need for a big weekend clean up, it really doesnโ€™t take any time at all.

Try these simple steps to clean as you go:

  • Hang your clothes up or put them straight into the laundry basket when you take them off

  • Put away what you are using

  • Hang your towel up after using it

  • Wash your plate and cup up or put it in the dishwasher when you are finished

Once you have mastered the art of cleaning up as you go, get your whole family involved. While it may take some time and patience to get your kids to put away their toys when they are finished, put their plate in the dishwasher or pick up their clothes will make a huge difference to the overall tidiness of the house. Over time, it will become a habit for them too.  For anything that isn't put away, make the effort to do a quick tidy up on your way to bed. Put away anything left out so you can wake up to a clean house in the morning.

Another simple habit you should get into is never leaving the room without something in your hands. When you leave a room, pick up cups, toys or whatever else doesnโ€™t belong and take with you. Make sure you put it away straight away though, donโ€™t just make a pile in another room.

While these are tasks you should do on a regular basis, finding time for bigger and more time consuming chores is also important. Decide on the chores that you would usually spend your weekend doing and divide them up between the days of the week. Spend 20 minutes a day when you get home from work or even in the morning to limit the amount of cleaning that needs to be done on the weekend. For example, these tasks could include vacuuming, mopping, cleaning bathrooms or mowing the lawn.

General cleaning tips
The first step to an efficient cleaning routine is keeping your cleaning products organised and in a convenient location. Keep your general cleaning tools, supplies and cloths in a basket to have everything you need when you take it out to clean. No more running back and forward to the kitchen. For bathrooms, I would recommend keeping supplies such as microfibre cloths, window cleaner and spray under the sink and keep a squeegee in your shower so you can regularly clean the glass. Make sure to do these tasks regularly to minimise your overall cleaning time. If there is toothpaste on the mirror, wipe it off. Give your bench and sink a quick wipe down in the morning. It will take less than a minute.

Designing a practical entryway can be really helpful in keeping a clean and organised house. Using a shoe rack or basket to neatly store shoes and stop them from bringing unwanted dirt into your house will reduce the amount of time you need to spend cleaning the floor. Place a mat at your front door for wiping off excess dirt. Add a table, shelving with baskets and a trinket bowl for organising anything coming into your home. You will never lose your keys again!

When you are cleaning, start from the highest point in the room. Begin with cleaning the fans and blinds before you tackle tabletops or carpets as dust and dirt will fall. This will save having to vacuum the carpet or wipe down the same table you cleaned 20 minutes earlier. Use the same method when cleaning a floor. Start at the back of the room and work your way towards to door or entry. This will prevent you from walking back over the floors you just cleaned.

Finally, slowly working your way through each drawer and cupboard and decluttering your house will make it easier to clean your house and clear your bench tops.

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I hope this will help to make your life that little bit easier and your weekends just that little more enjoyable!

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